The Competition

The Aegis Professor Undergraduate Student Competition

The Aegis Professor Undergraduate Student Competition (APUC) launched in 2023. Led by the Science Partnership Office and the Science Student Societies. APUC is excited to be once again inviting undergraduate students across the Faculty of Science and also the Faculty of Engineering to work in multidisciplinary teams to apply their knowledge to real-world scientific problems to raise awareness of how science research can be applied and commercialised. Multidisciplinary teams will work on challenge briefs over the summer and present to the Aegis Professors at a Celebration Day event in September 2024.

Why you should take part

The competition will give you the opportunity to:

  1. Interact with industry and policy experts
  2. Experience team working with scientists from different subjects
  3. Attend a training workshop run by the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  4. Bolster your CV including through the Bristol PLUS award
  5. Pitch for up to £5000 prize

The innovation workshop in June was inspiring – I hadn’t considered working in innovation before.

Student Particpant 2023

Working with new people and developing an idea as far as we could. Having a task which was outside of the normal academic sphere and being able to work open-ended on something I was deeply passionate about

Student Participant 2023

The Aegis Professors – who they are

Albert Klein Tank
Scientific Director of The Delta Climate Center, Utrecht University
Anike Te
Chief Strategy Officer of Lucideon Group Ltd
Rowena Innocent
Senior Vice President at Ultraleap
Michael Cuthbert
Director of the National Quantum Computing Centre
Andy Humphris
Chief Technology Officer at Infinitesima Ltd
John Thompson
Consultant at PetraScience Consultants Inc.
Neil Hyatt
Chief Scientific Advisor to Nuclear Waste Services
Reid Derby
Head of Entrepreneurship, UK Civil Service
Jacqueline Castle
Chief Technology Officer at Aerospace Technology Institute