Each Team is assigned a Mentor for the duration of the competition. It is expected that Teams will meet with their mentors twice. An additional mentoring session will be provided online by Professor Annela Seddon focussing on producing effective posters and oral presentations. This session will be recorded and uploaded to the website. Mentoring guidance is outlined below.

Mentoring guidelines

The primary role of the APUC mentor is to: 

  • Provide examples from their own experiences on developing solutions for real world scientific problems. 
  • Act as a sounding board* for the team.  
  • Provide encouragement. 
  • Provide a few sentences on team working which will contribute toward 20% of the overall score. 

The mentor should

  • Provide an open and supportive relationship for their team. 
  • Serve as a role model. 

The mentor should not

  • Be obliged to give more time than is allocated.  This is stated as a maximum of two one-hour sessions. Any additional support is at the discretion of the mentors. 
  • Provide the ideas and solutions to the team challenge. 
  • Design or write material for the presentation outputs. 
  • Provide pastoral support. The university has procedures to follow around Wellbeing.  If any issues do arise, please let the SPO team know immediately. 
  • Deal with incidents or bullying allegations.  The university has a process that can be found here. Any incidents should be reported to the SPO immediately.  

*person that you use to test something such as a new idea or suggestion to see if they will accept it or if they think it will work 

The mentoring guidelines can also be downloaded below.