Know your battery

Proposed by Aegis Professor John Thompson

Image by Mauro Cateb Licenced by CC BY-SA 3.0 DEED


Understanding the batteries in our devices, tools, and vehicles is essential for making informed decisions about their usage and disposal, and applying appropriate pressure on suppliers and regulators. This challenge aims to empower consumers with critical information regarding battery types, recycling capabilities, and available options. 

Batteries come in various chemistries such as lithium-ion, nickel-metal hydride, and lead-acid, each with distinct characteristics and recycling processes. By knowing the type of battery in their devices, consumers can inquire about recycling procedures and advocate for sustainable practices. 


The challenge is to develop a comprehensive system that provides consumers with essential information about the batteries in their devices, tools or vehicles (to be selected by the team). This includes identifying the battery type, determining recyclability, and presenting recycling options e.g. aggregation, material handling, sorting, and metal recovery. 

Additionally, participants could explore: 

  1. Potential uses of battery data, such as understanding usage patterns, performance metrics, recycling needs and environmental impacts associated with different battery types. 
  2. Address communication challenges in conveying technical information to the general public. 

Output ideas

Model or tool: Develop a model or tool to identify battery types based on device specifications and provide recycling information. 

Prototype Design: Create a user-friendly interface or mobile application that allows consumers to scan devices and access battery details and recycling options. 

Educational Materials: Design infographics, videos, or pamphlets to raise awareness about battery types, recycling processes, and environmental impacts. 

Participants are encouraged to consider other output ideas.



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