We will be updating this page as and when questions are asked. Please note we will not be posting answers to specific science-based questions about the individual challenges.

How big will the teams be?

The size of a Team will be between 4 and 6 persons. A key aim of the Competition is to develop multidisciplinary team working.

Can we choose which challenge we would like to enrol for?

Yes. The form allows you to choose a first and second preference. We hope in most instances you will get your first choice but logistically this may not always be possible.

Can I enrol as an individual and if so will you help with finding Team members?

All enrolment is completed individually but if you are already part of a Team please state this in the dedicated box on the form. Otherwise, we will put you into Teams automatically.

I didn’t attend the launch event. Can I still enrol for the competition?

Absolutely! We would love to see you sign up and encourage others to do so.

Does this Competition count towards my Degree course assessment ?

No this is an extra-curricular activity and does not count towards your course.

Will there be one Team per Challenge?

No there can be multiple teams working on the same Challenge.

Will Teams be competing with those doing the same challenge or with all Teams?

Teams will compete with all regardless of the challenge.

What are the criteria for the outputs for each Challenge?

We will be updating the website with this detail. However, teams will be asked to present an elevator style presentation and a poster on the Celebration Day in September. There will be some guidance of input for this but we want to encourage open thinking and not be too prescriptive in what this might look like.

Do Teams have to be based in Bristol over the whole of the summer?

No you do not have to be in Bristol for the whole summer – we are fully expecting some remote working. We have scheduled the half day training before the end of the summer term as we would like you to attend this if possible in person. The celebration day inSeptember will also be in person.

Is there a minimum number of hours you are expected to contribute to the challenge?

We have not stipulated a minimum number of hours we expect you to work on the challenges. This is entirely up to your Team. We understand that you will all have other commitments and part of the challenge will be managing your time as a Team over the summer.