Image by Leonhard Lenz (CC BY SA-4.0)

Designing a 3D printer that can work on any surface

The challenge of being able to use a 3D printer on any surface needs to be overcome it they are to be used in a wide range of settings.

Reducing an organisations environmental footprint

Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to demonstrate reductions in their carbon footprint to stakeholders.

Image by Vicki Francis/Department for International Development 

Clean and affordable drinking water for all

Many communities lack access to clean water due to contamination from various sources. Providing a sustainable solution poses a challenge due to resources and exposure to formal education being limited for these people.

Image by Mauro Cateb. Licensed by CC BY-SA 3.0 DEED

Know Your Battery

By knowing the type of battery in devices, consumers can inquire about recycling procedures and advocate for sustainable practices by understanding sustainability of the primary materials.

CO2 Sequestration – From Source to Sink 

To maximise the potential of Carbon Capture and Storage technology as a measure to reach net zero in the UK technology, it is crucial that storage projects are delivered in an economical way. Transporting CO2 from source to storage poses a major challenge.

Image by macrovector on Freepik 

Harvesting electricity from community woodlands

If you walk through a woodland on a windy day, you can both see and feel the amount of energy that moves through an ecosystem. What if we could tap into this energy to power our homes and reduce our carbon footprint? 

Redesigning a product for everyone

Bias during the product design process often results in products that are not easily useable by a diverse range of people. This challenge will seek to identify an existing product which can be redesigned to be as inclusive as possible.