The energy transition in a copper-limited world

What would happen if we can’t source sufficient copper in the future?

App design for Sustainability 

Developing an automated App that is reliable and does not rely on manual data input could improve how people work towards making their lives more sustainable.

Zero emission electricity and potable water from oil fields and saline aquifers

Can we find a way of producing clean water from saline aquifers at oilfield locations that require no burning of hydrocarbons, in regions that are water scarce?

Designing a 3D printer that can work on any surface

The challenge of being able to use a 3D printer on any surface needs to be overcome it they are to be used in a wide range of settings.

Image by Matt Cornock (CC BY 2.0)

The world: a pollinator’s perspective

How can we improve our understanding of pollinator environments, ecology, and role, especially from their perspectives?    

Reducing an organisations environmental footprint

Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to demonstrate reductions in their carbon footprint to stakeholders.

Synchronising clocks – devising a secure method 

Distributing secure time synchronisation signals remains a big challenge globally and is vulnerable to interference that could cost the economy billions and be a direct threat to society.